Armen Darakjian

Meet Your Personal Watch Consultant

Armen Darakjian of Darakjian Jewelers, Birmingham, Michigan

Armen has been in the business for over 35 years, first going to work with his dad on weekends and summer vacations and now heading up Darakjian Jewelers.

Over that time Armen's affinity for watches has grown into a true passion. Their intricacies and functions continue to captivate him. One good thing about owning a jewelry store is that Armen has been able to travel to the world's largest and most important watch shows in Switzerland for over 25 years, so he has his thumb on the pulse of the fine watch world.

Talking to worldwide watch company presidents, the world’s largest most important luxury retailers, and the watchmakers themselves all give Armen a unique perspective and intimate knowledge of the watch industry and brands.

So how could you ever buy a watch without at least talking to Armen? He’s here, he’s active, and he’s passionate about discovering the collector in you and helping design your watch wardrobe. Don’t just buy what your friends have. Talk to Armen about your next piece. He might have something special for you.

Email or call or just stop in before you buy another watch!

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